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Twenty Centavos, the first book of the Paul Zacher mysteries, has been optioned for a television series.


Does an artist really see things differently?

Painter Paul Zacher, preparing for a gallery show in the Yucatan, is unwillingly drawn into a murder investigation in his home town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

A prominent antiques dealer has been shot in the head, and a twenty centavo coin found in his mouth.

Zacher draws on the help and expertise of his Mexican girlfriend, Maya Sanchez, and his retired detective friend, Cody Williams, to comb the prosperous expatriate community for clues as he tries to stay out of the way of the police.

The action ricochets from the heartland of colonial Mexico to the steamy jungles of the Yucatan, as Zacher inches closer to the killer, only to find himself marked as the next victim


Twenty Centavos

By John Scherber


  John Scherber  will be a presenter at the Lake Chapala Writer's Conference, February 26-8, 2014, in Ajijic, Jalisco.    

The Devil's Workshop


Steeped in history and horror. The author of the Murder in San Miguel series takes us on a wild ride with an exciting new hero, mystery writer-turned-adventurer Rebecca Stuart. With action that takes us from St. Paul, Minnesota to Santa Elena, Mexico, this one has it all: vivid characters, secret passageways, paintings that come to life, an ancient subterranean race, and a plot with more dark turns than a catacomb… John Scherber is amazingly prolific, brimming with ideas, and The Devil’s Workshop is a worthy companion to his popular previous novels. As always, Scherber’s imagination is rich, his style witty and accessible as he guides us through a scenario where history, myth and fate entwine. Don’t miss it.

Chet Kozlowski Author of Home at Last: Stories



The Devil's Workshop,

By John Scherber


San Miguel de Allende: A Place in the Heart


“An attentive and richly interesting series of interviews with North Americans who have made lives for themselves in another country, another town.” 

-Tony Cohan, author of On Mexican Time and Mexican Days and other books and numerous articles.



“San Miguel de Allende: A Place in the Heart is entertaining, enlightening, and informative. Like the legendary Studs Terkel, John Scherber lets his subjects speak for themselves and adds reflections where needed.”

-Wayne Greenhaw, winner of the  2006 Harper Lee Award, author of My Heart is in the Earth, and more than a dozen other books.


San Miguel de Allende:

A Place in the Heart

Expatriates find themselves in México

By John Scherber 



San Miguel de Allende: A Place in the Heart  I  Twenty Centavos  I  The Fifth Codex  I  Brushwork  I  Daddy's Girl

Strike Zone  I  Vanishing Act  I  Jack and Jill  I  Identity Crisis  I  And Dark My Desire I  And Darker My Wrath

 The Devil's Workshop  The Theft of the Virgin  I  Eden Lost  I  The Book Doctor  I  The Predator  I  The Amarna Heresy

A Writer's Notebook   I   Into The Heart of Mexico  I  The Girl From Veracruz  I  Living in San Miguel  l  Beyond Terrorism

Angel Face  I  Uneasy Rider  I  Lost in Chiapas  I  The Jericho Journals  I  Paul Zacher Mysteries Vol. 1-3


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